A Prayer For a Fallen Soldier

I saw a soldier kneeling down,

for this was the first quiet place he had found.

He had traveled through jungles, rivers and mud

He’d tasted sweat and shed his blood.

He folded his hands and looked to the sky

I saw his tears, as they welled in his eyes.

He spoke to God, and this is what he said

“God Bless my men, who now lie dead;

I know not what You have in mind,

but when You judge them, please be kind

when they come before You, they will be poorly dressed

but they’ll walk proudly, for they have done their best.

Their boots will be muddy and their clothes all torn

but these clothes they have so proudly worn.

Their hearts will be still and cold inside,

for they have fought their best and did so with pride.

So please take care of them as they pass Your way

the price of freedom they’ve already paid.”

Author Unknown


FM-4856 James “Sailor” Smith
OK 10-2 01/14/2011

FM-3957 Bobby “Bad Gambler” Lisko
OK 10-2 12/23/2013

FM-3312 James “Good Sam” Barrett
OK 10-2 06/02/2014

FM-5278 Mike “Frog” Snider
OK 10-2 11/24/2014

FM-4867 James “Big Shoes” Roberts
OK 10-2 11/25/2014

FM-448 Cletus “Sin Bad” Brasel
OK 10-2 09/25/2015

AUX-1214 Sandy “Lil Pelican” Perrigo
OK 10-2 10/08/2015

FM-13668 Sio “Nite Owl” Santini
OK 10-2 07/17/2017

FM-2852 Matthew ” OU Matt” Stephens
OK 10-2 05/09/2019

FM-20744 Daniel ” Smokey” Godfrey
OK 10-2 06/29/2019

FM-10068 Gary “Sailor” Wilson
OK 10-2 03/16/2020

FM-931 James ( ED) “Bootlegger” Spencer  
OK 10-2  05/24/2020

AUX-1048 Jacqueline “Sweetie” Spencer OK 10-2 12/06/2020

FM-20282 David “Gunny” Wilson 
OK 10-2 03/12/2021

Cecil “Big Qwaker” Hoskinson
AR 7-3(formerly OK 10-2) 07/15/2021

FM-3510 Kevin “KD” Bowers
OK 10-2 05/08/2022

FM-24872(formerly FM-5300) Larry “Shovelhead” Church
OK 10-2 02/13/2023

FM-2743 Scott “Tracer” Barrett
OK 10-2 07/26/2023

SM-2088 Cameran “Preacher” Aurelius
OK 10-2 03/10/2024